The Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (TUTAG) has announced that its members will embark on a partial strike on Monday, June 14.

By this announcement, TUTAG members have been tasked to not teach, invigilate, mark examination papers and/or submit results and attend meetings of any of the Technical Universities.

However, in consideration of students, members have been advised to supervise project works, research and community service.

In a press release, the group listed six concerns they want to be addressed. These include a request for new conditions of service and frustrations in getting accreditation for academic programmes.

According to TUTAG, they have engaged government, other agencies and the National Labour Commission on their concerns. However, their discussions are yet to yield positive results.

“The National Labour Commissions, for instance, failed  to enforce its ruling, in August 2019, in our favour regarding what is due TUTAG members.”

“TUTAG continued to demonstrate good faith with the government over the years on these issues, but has now, and unfortunately so, come to realize that the government, together with its agencies, is simply unwilling to fulfill its part of the bargain,” parts of the statement reads.

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