December 7, is fast approaching with barely a little over 30 days for Ghanaians to exercise their franchise at the polls. Political parties are also campaigning massively convincing the electorates in their various constituencies for votes.

The two major political parties (i.e NDC & NPP) in recent election seasons have employed the services of Ghanaian musicians for their campaigns. This year’s political season is no exception. But then the big question on the lips on Ghanaians is;


This question remains relevant in the entertainment industry and has got industry players debating on the subject matter. This is in relation to the recent songs released by SAMINI & SARKODIE.

To begin with, Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall artist Samini was disclosed to the general public as he endorses the President vying for a second term on the ticket of the NPP. The high grade boss in his recent release titled KPOYAKAH had lyrical contents that seem to be endorsing the president and the NPP, but then after the release of the song, Ghanaians pulled out an interview he granted Joy News’ presenter Becky four years ago saying he doesn’t think it is advisable for a musician to endorse a political party or disclose his or her political affiliation.

Ghanaians have now held the dancehall artist to his own words and are now asking the question “what has really changed to cause a transition in his decision to endorse a political party” to be precise the NPP ahead of this year’s general election despite his own words condemning the act. People are also alluding to the fact that SAMINI was paid to record the song or was he just declaring his political status as far as he is concerned. Samini himself hasn’t spoken on the matter since its emergence.

On the other side of the coin, King Sark also seem to agree with his colleague and is on the same tangent as Samini in endorsing the seating president Nana Akuffo Addo. “HAPPY DAY” yes is the latest release from the camp of SARKCESS MUSIC featuring Kwame Eugine [click here to watch]. A line in the song was an indication that Sarkodie was endorsing the seating president and is calling for a second term for him. “4 more to do more”.  His reason for endorsing the president is because he has introduced free senior high school and the stability of power supply in the country has shown the president’s competence to do more for the good people of Ghana.  This line has sparked some controversies on social media in the entertainment industry whether the rapper is a supporter of the NPP. Most entertainment critics have shared their opinions on the song and they feel the blue and white costume worn by the rapper in the video is a clear indication that the rapper is declaring his support for the NPP for a second term. A clear justification to this was when the president in a tweet retweeted sarkodie’s song and giving him a thumbs up for appreciating him

. KUAME EUGENE who was featured in the song says he was not aware of the endorsement made by sarkodie on the song and has ever since made him feel uncomfortable and restless as people keep tagging him as an NPP supporter. He made this clear on 3fm in an interview with Mizz Gee. Sarkodie has still not replied to these allegations which is still not a surprise to Ghanaians.


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