The journey of the 2020 edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz started with over 400 schools competing at the regional level, out of which 108 qualified to the Preliminary Stage of the National Championship. From this number, 54 of them progressed to the One-eighth Stage to compete with the 27 seeded schools. One contest after another, some schools exited the competition, while others trod on. After a month of competitive competition, the 2020 NSMQ has come to an end.

The 2020 Grand Finale on the NSMQ competition was between the Presbyterian Boys SHS Legon vs Adisadel College and Opoku Ware SHS. The event was held at the University Of Ghana auditorium. Joy News and Joy Prime broadcasted the event live, preparation, and interviews were done at 2 pm while the main competition starting at exactly 3:30pm today October 8, 2020. Joy New’s correspondents were sent to the various school campuses to pick the views and reactions of students who were watching on campus. Positive vibes were shared amongst Opoku Ware and Adisadel College students as they tipped their individual schools to emerg victors at the end of the competition but rather ended not in their favor.

For the past five years, Adisadel College has been a familiar face at the Grand Finale of the NSMQ. They won their first trophy in 2016, and have since been trying to win their second championship title. Adisadel College started their 2020 journey from the One-eighth Stage, where they met Bishop Herman College and Tarkwa SHS. Neither of their contenders posed any challenge, and Adisadel College sailed through the contest without much hassle.

After winning their first contest, Opoku Ware School faced stiffer competition at the Quarterfinal Stage, where they competed with two of the best all-female Senior High Schools in Ghana – Holy Child School and Wesley Girls’ High School. Composed, and with a unique game plan, the boys sailed through the contest successfully.

On the other hand, Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School, five-time champions of the NSMQ, 2019 finalist, and the 2020 Greater Accra Regional Champions, started the agenda to win their sixth trophy from the One-eighth Stage, in a contest with Aggrey Memorial and Sunyani SHS. A majority of NSMQ fans tipped Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School to win this contest, and they did so effortlessly.

Round One didn’t have much to talk about, everyone at least predicted that the show was going to be very competitive for all three schools. But the round ended in favor of the Accra Based Presbyterian Boys School.

Round Two was not much different from round one. All three schools loosed precious points but then the Presbyterian Boys held the first position in the second round as well with a 10 and 11 points lead ahead of Opoku Ware and Adisadel respectively.

Round three saw Adisadel College speeding up in the title race as they breached the gap and placed second at the end of the third round for the first time in the context and led Opoku Ware by one point.

Round four saw a massive points gap breach as Adisadel College put out an impressive effort to close the gap between them and Presbyterian Boys from an 8 point gap lead to 5 points and also led Opoku Ware by 10 points.

The 5th and final round had everyone including myself jubilating because Presbyterian Boys were the favorites to win the competition with 36 points. Low and behold YES they won it bringing the Trophy to Accra……

The competition was fairly seen to go beyond only the schools but was largely seen to be an inter-regional competition.

The Presbyterian Boys High School represented the capital city of Ghana, Accra, Adisadel College on the other hand represented the Central Region and finally, Opoku Ware represented the Ashanti Region of Ghana. As always SENIOR ALWAYS BE SENIOR The Ordadi3 Boys made the Greater Accra region proud by winning the competition for the Sixth Time and happen to be the only school to have won the competition Six good times.

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