Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, various organizations and tertiary institutions have had to adjust their academic works finding a better way to manage affairs of their academic schedules than allowing students stay home for months without acquiring formal education. This changes in the academic calendar has brought about very difficult and hard to follow reforms which in tune is literally ‘killing students’

This has raised an alarm, an alarm Fael, a level 300 student in Ghana’s premium university, the University Of Ghana is basically addressing through a poem. His main aim is to get this out and loud into the ears of the University authorities to heed to the cry of students who are being overburdened with so much to consume in a short academic semester.

Zooming deep and focusing on the subject matter, is Fael’s poem he titled Modular Minds. Modular Minds happens to be carrying some heavy but factual points in the opinion of the author Fael, digesting the rigid and hard to believe facts about being a student in the university specifically the University OF Ghana. Some hold the opinion the writer went too hard and did not make any sense in his delivery but don’t forget there are two sides to a coin. Others also feel he hit the nail straight on the head and made a lot of factual sense in his piece of creative art. What do you think as an individual most especially being a student of the University Of Ghana.

“This video is a cry out to the stakeholders of the University of Ghana to do away with the modular system of education introduced in the 2020/2021 academic year.”

Watch, listen, hear, compare and share your own experiences and be the judge to his piece of work.


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