Parts of Techiman in the Bono East Region were left flooded following two days of rainfall from Tuesday through to Wednesday night.

Residents and motorists were stranded for several hours due to flooded streets.

Some houses also experienced flooding in Abrafi Estate, Anyinabrem, and other suburbs.

Techiman experiences flooding whenever it rains, as major drains get clogged and are unable to contain the volume of rains channeled through them.In addition, over 10 communities in the Nkrankrom Electoral area within the Techiman Municipality were also cut off from the rest of the Municipality as the Tano River overflowed its bank, making the only wooden bridge connecting the communities to the municipality, inaccessible.

This made it nearly impossible for over 3,000 residents to cross.

Some residents who spoke to Citi News lamented that they might lose their farm produce as they cannot transport them from their farms to marketplaces.Students were also left stranded and couldn’t attend school.


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