After the release of 6:30, a song by Tiisha which has and continues to enjoy much airplay on various TV and Radio Stations, “Queen Tiisha” as she calls herself is getting ready to release a new music video for her new single GODDESS. A true life story as she puts it has been summarized into a music video yet to be released this month. “Queen Tiisha” reiterated on Zylofone fm on Showbiz agenda with Sammy Flex early on today that the video is based on her true life story from her childhood journey throughout until now. She also made a controversial statement claiming she has been crowned by the “GOD KING” in the video indicating that she is the “Queen Of Ghana Music” and she knows no other queen in the Ghanaian music industry, irrespective of their relevance. She believes she is the original and the only “Goddess and Queen” of Ghana music stamping her claim with her yet to air music video.

“ZYLOFON CHRONICLE” is based on the life story of Tiisha. Many years ago, the Torus Empire and their leader faced times of conquest & trials which led to the fall of the great empire. The princess Tiisha was saved from a rough town overlord and raised by the Torus Empire to later be crowned the Queen destined to bring back balance and power to the empire. Anticipate the release of Tiisha’s upcoming single titled GODDESS; available on all streaming platforms and music stores on Friday 11th December, 2020.


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