Father mi know many critics make mi dirty, ba have mercy pan your Liqqle Pickney this adi Hustlers Anthem, TROUBLE….

[Mcbondnews] : Dropping a second song in the year 2021 which just took off shows the intensity and determination artists like Dweetkid intend to take his projects. Keenly following his first project in the year is his new song Hustlers Anthem. This is a single song he wrote to express himself as most hustlers would do, to thank God each day despite all the happenings and as well ask for his divine mercy upon their efforts in making a better living. Putting Dweetkidz’s new song Hustlers Anthem in to context, the song generally talks about the state of mind of young hustlers who preach making money the right way and their actual belief that whatever they do, there’s a God blessing their hustle. Being a Reggae/Dancehall artist, there’s no better way he could have expressed himself in the song than speaking Patwah. Finally, the calmness of the rhythm on which he delivered his message also contributed to making the masterpiece a limitless song irrespective of your age, gender and your love for a particular music genre . Stream/listen to the song and leave your comments below to get interactive with Dweetkid.



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