Music they say is ‘food for the soul’ and ‘good music never dies’. If it is so to speak, then “JIPYA GANI” falls within such a category.

Aimé. M, a Burundian artist featured the beautiful songstress Zee Cute on this beautiful African rhythm producing a masterpiece he titled JIPYA GANI. After a successive release of his “THE 2020 EXPERIENCE album last year, the singer has worked on releasing several other singles within the past few months and is now out with Jipya Gani as his current single.

The song was basically sung in Swahili with its lyrical content depicting love and affection in short. The title of the song in English means ‘What’s New.’ A title seeking to ask the question ‘what’s new on these random girls you don’t have and I haven’t seen seen before?’

In conclusion, the song is basically saying ‘You and I should be together because without you, I’m gonna be heartbroken and lost in the cold.’

Aside the singer’s mental focus of making music within the shores of Burundi, he’s also making conscious effort to get the song playing within and around the world as a whole.

If you are a lover of good, beautiful and purely indigenous African music, then Aimé. M’s “JIPYA GANI” ft Zee Cute is an ideal song for your ears, body and mind.



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