The 2020 NBA season was not a smooth one considering the long break as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protest. Finally, that wait was over and teams got back to focusing on the game in the bubble- Orlando. All too soon the 2020 NBA season has ended with the Los Angeles Lakers taking the trophy. They beat the Miami Heat 106 – 93 in game 6 of the NBA Finals to be crowned World Champions. This is the Lakers’ 17th overall championship after a long wait since 2010 in their franchise history. 

Lebron James, who came up with a triple-double put up 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists, to take home the Finals MVP. During the final game, the Lakers with their winning mentality took a 30 point lead before half time. They also frustrated their opponent with their great defensive play. 

For most NBA fans and Lakers lovers, the trades made before and during the season was a befitting one. The series ended 4-2 with the Lakers coming out victorious

NBA Finals Scores

Game 1: Lakers 116 – Heat 98

Game 2: Lakers 124 – Heat 114

Game 3: Heat 115 – Lakers 104

Game 4: Heat 96 – Lakers 102

Game 5: Lakers 108 – Heat 111

Game 6: Heat 93 – Lakers 106


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