Kwadwo Sheldon is a popular Ghanaian content creator on Youtube with about 100k subscribers on his former page. His content is usually based on entertainment criticisms, breakdowns, carefully analyzing music videos, songs and has been tagged as a controversial Youtuber. 

The content creator’s Youtube account was brought down by youtube due to some phishing activities they detected on his Youtube account. He indicated that it was a technical problem on the part of his account handlers which led to the bringing down of his account, he made this revelations on HOMEBASE TV yesterday. He also indicated that he has already filed for a restoration of his account in the shortest possible time and hopes that Youtube takes it into consideration. He also said people have started creating fake accounts in his name and used the opportunity to declare his disaffiliation to such accounts and has nothing to do with them. He also announced his new youtube account as KWADWO SHELDON TV. Sheldon promises the general public especially his fans of his continuity to deliver to them good and quality content as always. He also calls on the Ghanaian public to follow and subscribe to his new channel for exclusive contents.


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