There are still so many villages and communities in Ghana where there is no access to potable drinking water. The government of the day may not be able to reach such places to extend its helping hands to such vulnerable places, this is why private individuals and organizations exercise their oversight responsibility to assist these communities and villages and to reduce the weight on the shoulders of the government even though it is part of their mandatory responsibility to make social amenities available, accessible and reachable to all. It is also for the same course Kelvin Mensah know as PJKEV who is a US-based Ghanaian entrepreneur and a philanthropist has decided to collaborate with the KJM Foundation to donate a water project to the people of Nyame Bekyere(God will tell), one of the rural communities in the Central Region of Ghana.

The young man (PJKEV) who came back from the United States a few days after the ban on flights to Ghana was lifted due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. He then embarked on this project with KJM Foundation to make the people of Nyame Bekyere feel and enjoy the natural nature of fresh and potable water.

Notwithstanding, the project does not seek to achieve the above mentioned purpose only but to also cut down the everyday hustle women and children of Nyame Bekyere had had to go through walking several miles each and every day not even to fetch clean water but to fetch from the streams, rivers and boreholes within the community.

The commissioning of the project on October 29, 2020 did not only change the narrative behind the main reason for the project but it also saw the planting of joy and gratefulness in the faces of the people of Nyame Bekyere especially women and children.

Fortunately, the press did not leave the young man to take on the task of commissioning the project all by himself. The famous PAN AFRICAN TV had its reporters take coverage of the project likewise other indigenous media houses.

He also wrote and posted the project on his instagram and twitter handles, saying;

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Empowering and alleviating poverty across Africa. JOIN US. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE .@kjmfoundation

Click the link to watch the presentation. [View this post on Instagram]


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