Students’ leadership in recent times has lost its reputed image since it has become a platform for emerging young leaders to engage in corruption, fraud, stinking, and shady money deals.

An alleged report available to is that some Executives of the University Hall(knust), popularly known to be Katanga, have extorted huge sums of money from some students (names withheld) in the name of providing accommodation and rendering other unseen services to these innocent students which have proven to be a fraud.

It is alleged that every attempt by the students to retrieve their funds from the named JCRC Executives has proven futile. The sums of money were, purportedly taken to arrange for residential accommodation for some students ahead of the 2021 academic year. Others were taken as dues for souvenirs of the Hall. To date, the students complain of no progress in retrieving their sums of money after the shady deal was dishonored amidst threats of reporting these Executives to the authorities.

Sources available to from the University Hall suggests the JCRC President, Mr. Martin Darkwa, popularly called MDD, the JCRC Secretary, Akwasi Oduro Kwarteng, and the JCRC Financial Secretary, Mr. Hafiz Mohammed have allegedly been named amongst the key perpetrators of the said corrupt and deceitful deal.

It is unclear the specific amount involved in the alleged fraud and dishonest deals but, sources to say the Executives charged between 500-1,500 Ghana cedis per student. The full figure, however, remains unclear due to the undisclosed number of students who have become victims of the said black deals.

The level of dishonesty demonstrated by the leadership of the Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) of the University hall has left many students of the hall in shock and disappointed. is still investigating and keenly following for more news.

Reference(twitter): Samuel Adu Sarpong@adu_2001


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