Mr. John Dumelo, the actor turned politician and a parliamentary aspirant for the Ayawasu West was in the news taking a closer look at how the rains have ransacked his constituency. John Dumelo who seeks to be a part of the 7th parliament of the Republic of Ghana after the December 7th election is contending to be the representative of the people of Ayawasu West on the ticket of NDC was seen in a picture he posted yesterday October 10, in his constituency after a heavy downpour which lasted for more than 4 hours.

The rains as seen in the pictures show clearly that peoples homes have been flooded leaving them displaced with the burden of finding shelter somewhere else. The parliamentary aspirant was supposed to hold his campaign earlier on Saturday, October 8, but has decided to suspend the campaign and rather use the opportunity to survey his constituency and examine the intensity of the flood.

During his survey with some community members, he saw how far people in his constituency have been affected and felt something needs to be done urgently to rectify the situation even if not totally fixed, the intensity of the effect should be reduced drastically. He posted on Instagram that he promises to fix the problem as soon as possible should be given the chance as he MP-elect for the constituency.

How long can we continue to leave our West land people in this situation when it rains? When we attempted fixing this, we were stopped, yet those who stopped us are yet to do something about this in Ayawaso West. Take my word, I will fix this when elected!

Ayawasu West surely isn’t the constituency confronted with such a situation. There so many places that are in very devastating situations worse than this but do not have anyone to speak for them. Until our leaders seat up and think about the citizens, the problems will never get solved.


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