Black Avenue Music boss, Dblack who is now known as the “Enjoyment Minister”, a record label boss and himself a recording artist. The rapper even though is known and usually seen with curvy and sexy women, he revealed in an interview with Graphic Showbiz that women with more than normal fingernails and multicolored hairstyles “Slay Queens” just don’t attract his attention and usually puts him off.

“When I meet a girl, the first thing I look at is your fingernails and your toenails. And your hair, I don’t like it long with colours all over the place. I don’t like long nails. It gives me the impression that you are not serious. If your nails are long, how do you wash your plates when you finish eating. Those things are turn-offs for me”

he is reported to have said in the interview.

When asked what turns him on in a woman, he said, “I love career driven, intelligent and passion driven ones.”

This topic came up for discussion during his interview as part of the promotion the artist is running for his newly released album “Loyalty” which is out now on all platforms.


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