Hungary to absorb Ghanaian students from Ukraine

Hungary to absorb Ghanaian students from Ukraine

Hungary has agreed to take in a number of Ghanaian citizens who’ve fled Ukraine so that they can continue their studies in Europe.

Spaces and resources are being opened up at a number of Hungary’s universities and the students will pay the same fees as they were paying in Ukraine, Hungarian authorities say.

More than 1,000 Ghanaian students were living in Ukraine until Russia invaded last week, and the West African nation has so far made two repatriation missions.

A 24-year-old computer science student who arrived in Ghana’s capital Accra on Friday morning told the BBC that some Ukrainian institutions were helping students complete their courses online.

About 700 Ghanaian students have crossed the Ukrainian border into neighbouring countries, but some are not willing to return home because of uncertainty over the future of their education.


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