“Another Mhr Kay oooo yah nanana naaana naaana,

I woke up like this I’m on my knees praying for mercy ooh yeah

things never go be the same ebi time I day work oooh naaa

I can’t kill myself I got to hustle for the money…..

These are some lines sung on the melodious beat coming from the Tarkoradi based musician. The song which has a hip pop feel, understanding enough to catch your attention is preaching out the lifestyle of hustling as a young youth for a better future. Another line in the composition talks about how people you call friends could sell you out just to fill their tommy. The talented Mhr Kay is a young musician based in Tarkoradi pushing his career on a fast, slow but sure level to the top. I WOKE UP LIKE THIS is a song meant for all with good composition, mastering and ground breaking lyrical contents.

To feel the clear message embedded in the song, play to listen, download or stream on audiomack for a better understanding of the lyrical content used in the song.




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