Ghanaian Afrobeat musician and rapper EL, has touched on some difficulties that comes with making music.

According to EL, most people are of the view that the hardest part of making music is going to the studio and recording the songs. But that is actually not the most difficult part of making music.

He told NYDJ on Y102.5 FM’s Ryse and Shyne Show,

“The hardest part of making music is not going to the studio. That one is fun, we all have fun being in the studio. As we speak I am currently in the studio. I have my studio in my house so immediately I wake up, I go to the studio and it’s actually very satisfying for me to make music”.

He revealed that the most difficult part of making music is selecting and promoting the song you want to put out there.

“So picking the song is actually not very easy. It is not an easy thing to do at all”.

For EL, he picks his songs considering that the listener today has a limited attention span. “We listen to so much music these that if you talk plenty in your songs or on your album, it becomes boring. I always want to keep the listeners’ attention for the maximum amount of time so they don’t feel like they’re losing touch with the vibe”.

Relating this to his newly released album ‘West African Vibes’, he furthered, selecting which songs to be on the album was one of the main reasons why it took him about 2 and a half years to come out with the project.

He believes music is very special and every song released should come from the heart and that is why it takes him quite sometime to release songs.


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