Darling Kojo records a new song preaching PEACE as Ghana approaches the polls for the 2020 General Election.

Darling Kojo who has earned the title as the only school administrator who plays with words like Archimedes. Darling Kojo seeks to promote PEACE in his new song titled WE NEED PEACE advising the youths in Ghana to stay awake as politicians may attempt to offer them a token just to perpetrate violence at the electoral polling stations come December 7. Peace just like the lyrical content portrays is a song he seeks all Ghanaian youths will listen to and heed to the advice embedded in it. DARLING KOJO who goes by the slogan “VODKA” Voice Out Darling Kojo Always says “We need peace before, during and after the election”

[DOWNLOAD] Darling Kojo – We Need Peace



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