Hours after a blog post was published on Zionfelix’s website zionfelix.net which stated emphatically that veteran dancehall artist Samini_dagaati struggled to attain one million organic followers on instagram. The award winning dancehall artist in question has ever since shown his displeasure in a live video pointing out he is not happy with the adjective “struggled” used to describe his post-jubilation and excitement he expressed on his social media handles for attaining one million followers on instagram. Samini said in his post while he was expressing his gratitude towards his achievement that he was so happy and proud of this number and as well used the opportunity to thank his fans and followers for giving him a million followers on his official instagram account. It was out this post that the controversial headline “Samini Jubilates After Struggling To Get One Million Followers On Instagram” came up. Samini in his furious video threatened to take legal actions against Zionfelix’s firm should they fail to come out with an apology to the effect of the blog post which he says is an unfortunate post having a great potential of downplaying and undermining his credibility and relevance in the music industry. Today, on Zylofon Fm 102.1 Showbiz Agenda to be precise, Zionfelix reiterated his apology he recorded early on apologizing to Samini on behalf of his news team for using the wrong words in the blog heading. He said to Sammy Flex (host) that he would like to use his platform to re-echo his sincerest apology to the Legendary Samini to pardon his firm on the dent the post heading might have caused his brand. He further said he as at now doesn’t have Samini’s contact so he wouldn’t be able to confirm if Samini has seen his apology video, but he is willing to take further steps to reach out to Samini to trash things out with him as soon as possible. Likewise, we are yet to hear from Samini if he has accepted the apology or not. Leave your comments in the comment box below as to what you think about the actions of these two great industry players.


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