The famous presenter of the RETURNEES channel Alfred Kojo Mensah together with chief editor of mcbondnews.com embarked on a three hour journey to INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED on October 14, 2020.

INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED is an indigenous Ghanaian company fully owned by Ghanaian businessmen who have more than 4 decades of experience in brewing. INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED is a microbrewery located in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana precisely Kwabenya in a decent neighborhood and environment.

INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED is a company which is into the production of beers, malted drinks, soft drinks, fruit drinks etc. with the emphasis on the use of Local Raw Materials and operates the first microbrewery company in Ghana. The company has been in existence since 2003 and has been working in its full working force till date, despite the rapid growth and changes it has had to go through over the years.

Dr. Clement Djame and Dr. Phash Soryah are the two great brains behind the emergence and progressive growth of the microbrewery. They are both university graduates and as well professional brewers.

Prof Phash on the extreme right, Prof Djame in the middle and 247 Sojah(Returnees Presenter) on the left.

As it stands now the company can produce about 200 to 300 liters of beer as their maximum production capacity a day. According to Dr. Djame in an interview with Alfred Kojo Mensah, he said;

“Initially when we started, the demand from our customers per day was BEYOND our production capacity, hence we couldn’t satisfy the demands of our customers upfront. But with time we are gradually picking up and we are meeting the demands of our customers ON DEMAND.”

Continuous assessment of the company’s progress since 2003 has seen a significant growth from time to time and as well looks forward to expand its production capacity. Dr. Djame indicated that the company also runs a facility within its jurisdiction where they receive and train young individuals who have the passion to brew beers, soft drinks, fruit drinks etc.

After about fifteen minutes of intensive conversation on how the company operates, we were taken through what I will describe as a detailed practical procedure of how beers are brewed right from the malting of the sorghum to the freezing point and finally to the filtration stage. The company has its gates widely opened to private investors to help expand the company’s daily production capacity from 200 liters to about 2000 – 3000 liters per day. Currently, the company’s beers are sold as draft beers and is not into bottling or canning of the finished product hence the appeal for private investors since canning and bottling are considered as expensive aspects of the business. Simultaneously, the company does bottling of its beers occasionally per a customers demand. Amazingly, bottled drinks can be customized for customers with the name of events or persons written on the labels should they request for such services. (T&Cs apply)

Having an insightful conversation with the brains behind the first Microbrewery in Ghana

The confidence of these two great men have shown a positive outcome that the future of microbrewery in Ghana is going to be brighter in years to come and we shall continue to see constant growth of INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED.

After being taken through the theoretical and practical processes of brewing a beer, we were served with a glass each of INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED’S fine and locally manufactured beer right in Ghana. And I must tell you there was no difference in terms of quality and taste compared to the reputable foreign beers we have in Ghana. The feeling was absolutely a top notch as I personally had a feel of the locally manufactured beer.

In conclusion, INLAND BEVERAGES LIMITED is willing and ready to take orders for the production of beers for your private parties, shows, social gatherings, events etc. I would personally recommend them to event organizers to just try employing their services for once to have the same feeling I had when I tasted it myself and to also encourage our indigenous companies to thrive. Finally, you can reach Dr. Clement Djame on the details provided below should you need their services.

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